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Zip Document of Learning #4

My inquiry question: To what extent does the process of free writing affect the quality of finished writing pieces? After having completed half of my story, I realized that the free writing process makes the story writing process easier to begin with, because when I start out writing a story I tend to have no clue where I want to start; however, after free writing I already have ideas written.. Read More

Zip Document of Learning #3

So far in my zip project I have quite a bit of work to do to be caught up to where I was planning to be over the winter break. I wanted to be on the stage of practicing my zip presentation however I am still working on writing my short story and making my lesson plan. I have edited the portion that I have written once and come up.. Read More

360 degree leader

I learned so many valuable concepts from John Maxwells, “How to be a 360 Degree Leader”, the one that I want to focus on for next semester in particular is expanding my circle. Although I probably don’t come across as a shy person, and generally I don’t think I am, but I may step back if something is really out of my comfort zone. I want to be able to.. Read More

Zip – Document of Learning 2

For my document of learning this week I am going to post one of my unedited free writes that I did during Friday’s work block. The prompt I made for myself is, “create two story characters that sit in front/behind each other in the classroom.” This free write was for 15 minutes and I think this was one of the easier free writes since I was able to create a.. Read More

Zip – Document of Learning 1

This Friday for  our focus block, I wrote one 10 minute free write and one 20 minute free write. I had to write two free writes during that focus block because on a previous nights I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to, to work on zip. However, I am still up to date on everything I planned to have finished by the first week in.. Read More

Zip Proposal

For my ZIP project, I would like to learn about the process of free writing and to what extent it affects the quality of finished writing pieces. Along with this, discovering how I can use multiple free writing pieces to create one short story piece. The reason I chose this topic is because free writing is very enjoyable to me and I want to learn more about how it can.. Read More

annotated biBLOGraphy

I seem to be experiencing deja vu, didn’t I just write an annotated bibliography about Christine Sinclair? It’s crazy how time flies. Below are the sources that I used throughout my eminent project about Julie Andrews. Books: Andrews, Julie. Home: a Memoir of My Early Years. Phoenix, 2009. This was one of the best sources in my project. Especially since it was written by Julie Andrews herself, I got to understand her story.. Read More

Eminent – building my learning centre

This year for my learning centre for some reason I found it very hard to settle on an idea of what I should do. Eventually it got to the point where I just had to start building or else I would never have gotten done on time. I went with the safest plan that I knew I would be able to accomplish, so I built a stage back drop. Now.. Read More

Goodbye Eminent

Eminent is already over and I have no clue how to feel about it. It’s a bit bittersweet knowing that this will be my last year of eminent. This eminent project led me find out much more about myself as a person and my values than I thought I would have. Some of my goals at the start of the project were to: Follow Julie’s life path and find out as.. Read More

3 Wise Nuggs – Practice Interview

I was lucky enough to get 2 different interviews with kindergarten teachers from my old elementary school, one of them being my kindergarten teacher. From these 2 interview here are 3 wise nuggs that I feel were important parts of our discussion: Put yourself out there volunteering for the job that you want to do is important to make sure you are truly interested and care for it Don’t be.. Read More