Her passion for music has always been there. You can see it just by glancing at her. The way she taps her foot to the sound of people talking, trying to keep them on beat, the calluses on her fingers from practicing, the softness of her voice after she has been singing for an extended time. During a calm, clear, crips winters day, you can her her singing Christmas Carols for hours on end.

“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear,” she says as she breaks into song!

Her passion started forming before she was born. Her Grandfather was a great musician. Her family had an orchestra and her great-grandfather was the conductor. In the streets of Holland, they played music for people to listen to as they walked by.

Fast forwarding to when she was in her mother’s stomach. The sound of her mother’s heartbeat, ba boom, ba boom, ba boom. It was like the song of her parent’s voice in time with the big timpani drum. It was as if there was an orchestra playing all day, everyday. The sound of her parent’s footsteps are the beats of a snare drum. The car horns are the trumpets. The high whistle of the wind, the flutes, and the squeak of the rusty swing set as a joyful kid swings back and forth, is like the squawk of the clarinet being blown a little too harshly. When all these instruments play at once, it creates a symphony within her ears, and she falls asleep listening to these harmonious sounds.

Ever since the day she was born, she has carried around her love of music as if it were a part of her; sewn to her body with unbreakable seams, and in many ways it was. She is always humming or walking in beat to the metronome inside her body. The most important metronome in anyones body, the heart.

Then there came a day where she had to choose. It was one of the hardest choices of her life. She put it off, but she couldn’t help but keep it at the back of her mind. This daunting decision that cast a lightning storm over her head every time she thought about it. How could she choose between her biggest passions? It just wasn’t possible. The work load kept piling up, until it came to a time where she didn’t have time to practice, she didn’t have time to play, she barely had time to think straight. She knew then that she would have to choose. She would have to go out and dance in the rain. But how could she choose between music and sports?

She couldn’t. That was her decision. She wasn’t going to. She loved both of them, they were both a part of her. They were part of her family. Music and sports were her second family.

She continued on doing both, because you don’t get her without getting music, and you don’t get her without getting sports. You could call it a “package deal”.

All of the off notes, failed performances, voice cracks, frustration, tears, anger, and injuries that music and sports have brought to her are nothing compared to the happiness, joy, pleasure, and laughs that she gets out of it.