“Our single most important challenge is therefore to help establish a social order in which the freedom of the individual will truly mean the freedom of the individual”

-Nelson Mandela


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If I asked you the question who or what defines our social order, what would you say? I have been thinking about this question for a little while now and I still have yet to come up with one specific thing. Maybe there isn’t just one specific thing, maybe there are multiple answers. I have thought of a few different things that could be a contributor to what defines our social order; the job you have, where you live, your ‘fashion’ sense, how much money you have, the things you own, your upbringing, or your ethnicity. Most of the contributors are based off of stereotypical things. Why is it if you are a doctor you are considered to be better than a dish washer at a restaurant? This is not necessarily true, but it is just the ‘normal’ thought that comes along with being a doctor. It isn’t the dish washer’s fault, it isn’t the doctor’s fault, but it is societies fault for making us believe that a higher paying job means you are a better person. What I believe is that a job is a job and at least you are working to make a living. I think it is unfair that these are the stereotypes that create our society, but even if the whole world worked together to change this, it will take a long time to undo what is already taught. An important question to think about is how can we make a social order in which everyone feels free to be themselves? If we can come up with a social order like this, what would the people at the top of our social order now have to give up in order to let the people at the bottom of the social order get the life that they want?

Today, in our society, the social order is very different from before in the medieval ages. Back then, there was only one aspect that defined their social order. If you were a king, pope, or noble (basically if you were wealthy) then you were at the top of the social pyramid. If you were a peasant/serf you made up most of the population and were at the base of the social pyramid. In other countries of the world, it might still be more medieval social order oriented, but in our country it definitely isn’t. Even back then if you were wealthy there was a thought that you were better than everyone else. In actual fact you could have been the meanest person and still be wealthy.

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In socials we have been talking about the wheel of social evolution. My question is, how can one wheel describe more than one event in history when we are supposed to be smarter than we were before? How come we are letting history repeat itself and we can’t notice it? The wheel that I thought of goes from political to technological to economical to social and then to environmental. I made a futuristic wheel of how Donald Trump getting elected sparks all of these things happening. The political part of the wheel would be Donald Trump getting elected. The technological part is one of Donald Trumps elected promises is to create a bomb to bomb Isis, so creating the bomb would be the technological part. The economic part is where is he going to get the money to create the bomb when he said he would lessen taxes. The Social part is his promise about the wall. He said he would make Mexico pay for the wall, probably because he is cutting taxes.The environmental part of the wheel is that a wall between Mexico and America affects the environment in which Mexico lives in and in which America lives in. I find it interesting to learn about this because I like to see how one thing affects another thing which leads to another thing happening. Which, relating back to my first post, why I want to learn about World War 2.

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The example I used with my wheel doesn’t lead to a better world but you could definitely find an example in which it does lead to our world being a better place. An example of this could be the political part is Justin Trudeau getting elected which led to money/taxes used to find new technology to stop global warming. This then leads to a deficit where spending > collecting. The social aspect to this wheel is people talking about Justing Trudeau and how he is saying the budget will balance itself, but also the talking about global warming. Which then leads to the environmental stage of this wheel where people are more aware of global warming and trying to help out with this problem wherever they can will hopefully leads into great things happening in the world. A good question to think about would be how can we help make the world a better place?