“It’s not enough to reach for the brass ring. You must also enjoy the merry go round.”

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Heyo towards eminent we go! This year for my eminent project I have chosen Julie Andrews. She is famous for the numerous amounts of musicals she has been in (Mary Poppins, Sound of Music), as well as many movies (Princess Diaries). She also writes children’s books alongside her daughter, Emma Hamilton. Not only is she clearly very passionate about the arts, but she stands up and advocates for the importance of the arts. Just recently, Julie Andrews and Emma Hamilton wrote a letter to Donald Trump who threatened to cut the budget for arts programs. I chose her because I have a passion for Musical Theatre and researching and analyzing her life will give me more insight on the challenges and rewards faced by people in the theatre industry . What I find really interesting about Julie Andrews is her passion and dedication to theatre and her optimism. In 1997 she got throat surgery to remove nodules in her vocal chords. “When she awoke, the angelic 4 octave soprano that delighted audiences in The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, and Victor/Victoria was gone.” (People Movies). This was obviously very devastating to the theatre industry, but we can only imagine how devastating it was to Julie herself. For her whole life singing and performing had been her creative outlet, it had gotten her through some rough times throughout her childhood, and now her voice was gone. If that had happened to me I would be extremely upset too because much like Julie, singing is my creative outlet.

As for following her life path, I can’t see myself becoming a broadway star. Although I think that would be an amazing career to have. Every night having those bright lights shine on your face, blinding you, every night feeling that energy from the audience buzzing all around, that would be a dream come true. Opportunities like that don’t just pop up in front of you. You have to work extremely hard and take every chance you get. There is also a component of luck to it and being in the right place at the right time.

“When I’ve least expected it, an enormous opportunity or stroke of luck has crossed right under my nose. So I tell everybody, if you’re passionate about what you do and you love it, do it. But do your homework. Because you’ll never know when the opportunity is going to happen.”

However, I do see myself continuing to be a part of the Musical Theatre community and by learning about Julie Andrews I can learn about how life is on the big broadway stage, but also before she reached broadway what her life was like. Although maybe not a broadway star, I am looking to get inspired by her to find my voice becoming an advocate for the importance of the arts. Singing, dancing, and playing instruments have always been a way to express myself clearer. Sometimes words just aren’t enough and when that happens, I sing. The arts have been a really important part of my life, and will continue to be as I grow older.

A barrier I may face in connecting with Julie Andrews, much like a lot of other people’s eminent person, is we are not the same ‘social class’. I won’t have the same experiences as her or any famous person. Although, I don’t believe this will be a problem, I can also look at who she was before she made her big debut on broadway, and how she has developed and changed. Another barrier I may face is geography. She grew up in England during WW2. Her life situation growing up might be hard for me to relate to, although I have been to England a few times and it is a very old country and have visited very old cities there so I may be able to imagine parts of her life.

My intentions from this project are to learn as much about Julie Andrews life as I can, about the hardships she faced, about the wonderful experiences she had, but also to learn as much as I can about a life involved in the arts. Like I said last year in my eminent intro post, is I knew I either wanted to choose someone involved in music or the arts, sports, or a social activist. Since last year I did Christine Sinclair, I decided on music because that is a huge part of my life. I think through learning about someone else’s life in music I will learn about how I can achieve a greater understanding and enrich my passion.

A big part of the eminent project is public speaking and communicating with people, not only our eminent speeches, but on night of the notables, all night we are talking to other people as our eminent person. One of my goals on my iep is becoming more confident in public speaking. I believe that through this eminent project and with time, I will be able to do this. At Night of the Notables, you never know what kind of questions people may ask you so you have to be prepared for anything. This scares me because I like to know exactly what I am going to have to say before I start talking, however this will improve my public speaking skills.

When I went on the library trip, I was already fairly sure that I wanted to do Julie Andrews. However, having time to look for books about her and especially having time to read them while I was there was extremely helpful and good conformation for me that I wanted to do her for eminent. Because I had time to read the books while I was there, it gave me an idea of what type of information they had about her and how I could use them for gathering information about her. I found a lot of books about the Sound of Music and Julie Andrew’s life so I am excited to continue reading those! I think that the library field trip this year for me was more helpful than last year because I had a better idea of what was going to happen.

Although last year I was excited for eminent, I was definitely more scared than excited. However this year I am super duper excited for eminent and I am curious where researching Julie Andrews will take me!