Speeches were my favourite part of eminent last year and I am excited to have the chance to share mine with the NotN crowd this year! So far this is my speech outline but I am still shifting a few things here and there because of the time restrictions being so short this year.


  • Sitting down to write her biography
    • Diving into a specific moment in Julie Andrew’s childhood
    • Stating age, where she was, what she was doing


  • Alcoholic stepfather introduced into her life
  • separated from her father whom she adored

Rising Action 1:

  • First time she is alone with her stepfather:
    • She was 9
    • “Come into bed with me, I’ll show you how I cuddle mummy”

Rising Action 2:

  • Experiencing voices in her head
  • Thinking she had went crazy

Rising Action 3:

  • When she was 16 her stepfather barging into her room saying “I really must teach you how to kiss properly
  • Spending what little money she had on tools to bolt her door shut to keep him out of her room


  • seeing her half brother being beaten by her stepfather

Falling action:

  • How she felt about all of this


  • Problems don’t really get resolved because to this day she still recognized these moments as unhappy times
  • “No one should feel that scared in their own home.”
  • Close biography that she is writing