This year for my learning centre for some reason I found it very hard to settle on an idea of what I should do. Eventually it got to the point where I just had to start building or else I would never have gotten done on time. I went with the safest plan that I knew I would be able to accomplish, so I built a stage back drop.

img_3585Now this was way harder than I expected. I’m lucky my dad has a bunch of random materials I can use to build stuff with. I ended up using old car leather for the black backdrop. I enjoyed this a lot actually because I love to build things. Although, car leather was convenient, I didn’t want to poke too many holes in it because my dad wanted it back after. This made my job a little more difficult but in the end everything worked out. The black leather was screwed down onto a styrofoam board. The styrofoam was convenient to use because it wasn’t too heavy to carry around and transport however I had to be extremely careful screwing in the leather because if I put the screws in too far it would strip the styrofoam causing many problems. Luckily, this only happened the first time and I was able to learn from my mistakes.

I hung some red bed sheets down the black leather, this was harder than expected as well because my mom didn’t want anything ruining the red bed sheets. Eventually I convinced her that pin tacks weren’t going to poke any wholes big enough for her to notice and she let me use pin tacks. However, A LOT of pin tacks were needed to pin up the red curtains and even then they were still slightly unstable.

img_3406I used a foldable/moveable (wheels) coat rack to hold up the styrofoam board with everything hanging from it. This was convenient and easy to use because it was so easy to transport. Although there were a few problems attaching the styrofoam board to the coat rack because the styrofoam board with everything hanging from it became heavy and the coat rack is a light weight coat rack. However, a few extension anchors fixed this problem easily. Now just this background was fairly plain so I made the signs of all the major shows Julie Andrews was in and pinned them to the black background. I added some lights hanging from the top and it was then more interesting to look at.

The next component of my learning centre was the spin wheel with a bunch of different components to Julie Andrews life. I would ask people to spin the wheel and I would tell them some information about the category that the spinner landed on and then I would ask them a trivia question and they could win an english cookie (one of Julie Andrew’s favourite snacks). I discovered many people are only motivated by food hahaha!

I also made a timeline of all the major events in her life, such as her first debut on broadway. More people than I thought would actually took the time to look at the timeline. I think this is because there were larger pictures and not too many words to read and it was an easy thing to look at if I was talking to another person at my learning centre.

img_3405I had another piece of paper on the table beside me showing the end of the essay that Julie Andrews and her daughter wrote to Donald Trump when he suggested to cut the funding for the Arts programs. A lot of people read this because I wrote Donald Trump in large letters and they were intrigued from that.

Overall, I am fairly proud of my work during this project and the amount of effort I put into building my learning centre. I wish I would have started my learning centre maybe even one day earlier, I feel that there was some more potential in it. Since I was busy focusing on practicing my speech, I left less time for myself to work on my learning centre. But I am still proud of what I accomplished throughout this project.

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