I seem to be experiencing deja vu, didn’t I just write an annotated bibliography about Christine Sinclair? It’s crazy how time flies. Below are the sources that I used throughout my eminent project about Julie Andrews.


Andrews, Julie. Home: a Memoir of My Early Years. Phoenix, 2009.

This was one of the best sources in my project. Especially since it was written by Julie Andrews herself, I got to understand her story and who she is on so much more of a personal level. In this book was the first time she released anything about her childhood and the sexual harassment she faced. It was a real big eye opener for me to read this because her words were authentic because they were her own experiences.

Windeler, Robert. Julie Andrews: a Life on Stage and Screen. Carol Pub., 1997.

As stated in the title of the book, this book mainly focused on her life on stage. This was a great way to kick off my eminent project because it gave me a definite starting point instead of freely roaming on the internet. This book was really good for finding out more about the types of awards she has received/been nominated for.

Flinn, Caryl. The Sound of Music. British Film Inst, 2015.

This book mainly focused on The Sound of Music’s story, however, many parts of it did mention Julie Andrews since she had such a big role. This book gave me insight as to what it was like on set of the hit musical The Sound of Music and from there I was able to research more about what The Sound of Music meant to her.


October 20th: Julie Andrews Biography

This website was another useful website for starting off my project. It mentions a bunch of different organizations she is a part of which I was able to research further. As well as it mentions many of her awards and achievements throughout her life which was also useful for creating my timeline for my learning centre.

October 20th: Julie Andrews Biography – Her Early Life

This website was the first time I heard something about her difficult childhood, which led me to many other websites about her rough childhood. This was also the first time a website mentioned her book, “Home”, which as stated above was a very useful source throughout my eminent project. This website was also very useful for creating my timeline for my learning centre because it lists a bunch of important points in her life and from there I could decide which ones I wanted to include.

October 20th: Julie Andrews – Losing Her Singing Voice

This website is about how Julie Andrew’s lost her singing voice and how devastating it was for her. It explains that she lost it from noncancerous vocal nodules in her throat. As well as explaining how she felt after this devastating point in her life.

October 21st: The night Julie Andrew’s stepfather said: I’ll show you how I cuddle Mummy

This website was the basis of my speech (along with her book “Home”) because they both talked about her difficult childhood and therefore how important singing was to her. This was unsettling to read because I never realized that she had to overcome so many things in her past to become who she is know.

October 21st: Julie Andrews – An Essay to Donald Trump

This website was a good starter website to research more about her activism within the arts. Which led me to many other websites because of the hyper links within the website. It also introduced me to her authorship and led me to researching about her children’s books.

October 21st: Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton – Rescue the Arts

This website is where I got to read some of the letter that Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton wrote to Donald Trump addressing their problems with his suggestion to cut the funding for Arts programs across the USA. It explains one of the things she is doing now since she lost her singing voice.

October 22nd: The Importance of the Arts

This is another website about the letter that Julie Andrews and her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton wrote to Donald Trump addressing the importance of the Arts. The portion of the letter at the bottom made up a component of my learning centre.

October 24th: The Telegraph – Truly Andrews

This website has a bunch of information on it which was hard to pick out the pieces that I wanted to continue researching. I eventually came upon reading the part where Julie is thankful for Operations USA and United Nations Development Fund for Women and I was curious to research these topics further.

October 28th: Operations USA

This website was extremely useful as it furthered my knowledge of what Julie Andrew’s is doing for the world and how that has also helped her life. Operations USA is an “international disaster relief and development agency helping communities at home and abroad overcome the effects of disasters, disease, violence and endemic poverty” (Operations USA website).

October 31st: Julie Andrews and Operations USA

This website was very helpful to understand why Julie Andrew’s picks Operations USA to partner with and made for a good speaking point at my learning centre. It explains why she was originally interested by Operations USA and why she continues to support them without fail.

October 31st: Dame Julie Andrews 

This website was helpful because it went into detail about the transition between living with her father and her stepfather. It also gives information about what her musical life was like when she was younger. For example when she first started taking singing lessons and how that affected her later life.

November 4th: Life before ‘The Sound of Music’

This website told the story of how close she was with her father before her mother and father had gotten a divorce. This helped me to understand why the divorce with her father was especially hard, and then to hear about the sexual harassment she faced from her step father is truly a devastating story.





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