For my ZIP project, I would like to learn about the process of free writing and to what extent it affects the quality of finished writing pieces. Along with this, discovering how I can use multiple free writing pieces to create one short story piece. The reason I chose this topic is because free writing is very enjoyable to me and I want to learn more about how it can affect the finished piece of writing.

When I was at a musical theatre camp in the summer they told me something very interesting, stop trying to evaluate and analyze while creating. This really resonated with me because I never realized that these were separate steps. First you must create without judgement and just keep going with whatever you can think of. Only after that should you be analyzing and evaluating how that went. If you do the 2 steps at the same time, your judgement will impact your creativity and not allow you to explore. I find this similar to writing. I tend to write a first draft that is close to being a free write. Although, I usually edit things along the way if I catch them, I like to just write and see what happens, not worrying about grammar and such.

The topic of free writing, I don’t know too much about how it helps our writing, I just know that you don’t stop writing for an allotted time frame and you don’t edit your piece during that time either. If you run out of ideas, you can write anything on your mind even, “I have no ideas” is an idea on paper.

Some skills I would like to improve on for during ZIP this year are:

  • Learning how to pick sections of writing that I like and use them (In my writing, I often spend so long trying to edit down everything I wrote because I am way over word limits. Through this zip project I hope to learn how to pick sections/components of pieces that I want to use to make a short story).
  • Creativity in story writing (through free writing I hope to let my mind go where it pleases and see what kinds of stories I can come up with).
  • Turning off my self critic (through free writing I hope to learn how to turn off the critic inside myself and just write down any ideas that are going through my head).

Throughout this project if I need further help outside of books or the internet, I can contact Ms. Walstrom for any further questions I may have because it was mentioned to me on Thursday that she taught a class about prewriting. As for other resources I would mainly rely on the internet for most of my research and the studies that have been done on free writing to show why many people use it as a writing technique.

For my final presentation I am thinking about, first sharing my final product in oral form by reading my a part of or my whole finished short story aloud, my short story will be approximately around 5 pages long. Then making a small lesson about free writing and getting the class to do a short free write.

Here is a tentative schedule for my ZIP project:

Week: Date: Tasks:
1 Monday, December 4th *work block*

Research about why free writing is used/how it’s helpful.

10 minutes of free writing

1 Tuesday, December 5th 15 minutes of free writing
1 Wednesday, December 6th 20 minutes of free writing
1 Thursday, December 7th 20 minutes of free writing
1 Friday, December 8th *work block*

Look back on free writing from the week, edit.

Write blog post number 1

20 minutes of free writing

1 Saturday, December 9th 20 minutes of free writing

Research why free writing is more or less effective than other techniques.

Finish blog post number 1

1 Sunday, December 10th 20 minutes of free writing
2 Monday, December 11th *work block*

Fill out other components of rubric.

20 minutes of free writing

2 Tuesday, December 12th 20 minutes of free writing
2 Wednesday, December 13th 20 minutes of free writing

Edit free writes for that week.

2 Thursday, December 14th Start picking apart free writes and choosing pieces to use in final short story.
2 Friday, December 15th *work block*

Write blog post number 2

Continue picking apart free writes, start forming a story line with the free write parts, filling in the story with new writing.

2 Saturday, December 16th Continue to write story
2 Sunday, December 17th Continue to write story
3 Monday, December 18th *work block*

Continue to write story, start editing.

3 Tuesday, December 19th Edit story, peer edits, new draft.

Start lesson plan

3 Wednesday, December 20th Edit story, peer edits, new draft.

Start final draft

3 Thursday, December 21st Continue final draft

Continue lesson plan

3 Friday, December 22nd *work block*

Finish final draft. Finish lesson plan.

Write blog post number 3

Winter Break Practice ZIP presentation


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