This Friday for  our focus block, I wrote one 10 minute free write and one 20 minute free write. I had to write two free writes during that focus block because on a previous nights I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to, to work on zip. However, I am still up to date on everything I planned to have finished by the first week in my zip project. The 10 minute free write was based off of the prompt, “My best friend is a pomelo”. This was fairly easy to write about for 10 minutes because there are many different ways I could go with that prompt but not so many that I have troubles picking one. The 20 minute free write that I wrote was about the duality of human kind. This was harder to write about because there were too many different ways I could go with this prompt. Which is why I made it a longer free write because there were more things to cover because my brain had a rush of ideas. By the end of the free write, the topic sort of shifted to the faults of our society, such as how we use comparison as our basis of good and bad. After writing those two free writes I went back and read all my free writes from that week and I made duplicates and started lightly editing the duplicates for things like spelling mistakes, basic grammar, and removing sentences that have nothing to do with the topic. When I free write I turn my computer screen off to try and avert my eyes from wanting to edit words with an underline, however this is still much harder than I thought. If I know that I spelt a word wrong it is hard to resist the temptation to turn on my screen for even just 2 seconds to edit. I am still working on turning off my self critic so that I can fully delve into the free writing technique.

My plan for the next focus block is to fill out my rubric so that I have a better idea of what goals I need to set for myself throughout the course of this project as well as doing another 20 minute free write. I find that 20 minute free writes are very long and a lot of the time I run out of ideas before the free write is over. But so far, my zip project is going well and I’m excited to start piecing my free writes together to form a short story.

  1. Melissa,

    It is inspiring to see you take to free writing in earnest! This is a skill I also would like to carve out more time to develop. Would you mind sharing one of your free writes on your blog for a Document of Learning, so we can see a little of your process? Keep up the diligent work — I am looking forward to hearing more.

    – Mr. Morris

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