For my document of learning this week I am going to post one of my unedited free writes that I did during Friday’s work block. The prompt I made for myself is, “create two story characters that sit in front/behind each other in the classroom.” This free write was for 15 minutes and I think this was one of the easier free writes since I was able to create a story line between the two characters, and each character could have their own story as well. At some point in my free write you may see, “Nice connection to your other free write Melissa wow go me.” This is because a different free write I did was about a boy who got into a car accident and has some short term memory loss because right before I did that free write I was watching a movie similar to that subject so the movie was on my mind while I was free writing. There are quite a few random sentences that have nothing to do with the prompt but that was because my brain strayed off topic for a bit until it was able to get back on track.

Free write:

She is perfect. The girl of my dreams, sitting in front of me in class. The way her eyes glistened in the sunlight that shawn in through the windows. The way her hair rested perfectly against her chair. Always politely raising her hand when she knew the answer, and she always did know the answer. She was the brightest of us, and to me, that was intriguing. Others made fun of her for always knowing the answer. I don’t know why, there was nothing to make fun of. Her voice is soft and easy to listen to. Blah blah blah i don’t know ahahaha the lights outside are really bright

When she walks down the halls, she sings, wonderful melodies fly through the air into my ears. Her voice is like a gift on Christmas day and I am so lucky to get to open it. The subtle bounce in her step is so energizing to me. Blah blah blha christmas is so soon I’m so excited blah blah blah blah blah christmas lights christmas lights christmas lights I’m going to get her a christmas gift a;owiejfa;woeifjo;aweif blah

But, I can only admire from a distance. Oh, I guess I should probably introduce myself, I’m Matt Inkson, and no one likes Matt Inkson. I am in 9th grade at INSERT SCHOOL NAME HERE BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH sigh sigh sigh i want a cookie hm pomelo is yummy Melissa get back to ur story no no no no no no je veux dormir woot wooot

Ever since the car accident I’ve been known as that weird kid who forgets a lot of stuff. Nice connection to your other free write Melissa wow go me.

Ever since the car accident I’ve been known as that weird kid who forgets a lot of stuff. I remember that night quite clearly though. I remember, my mom was driving me home from karate lessons when a huge truck ran a red light and came zipping at our car. The last thing I remember before waking up in a hospital bed was her. Her glowing smile, her dark brown eyes, her rosy cheeks, all of it. Darnit the free write timer is at 2 seconds.


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