So far in my zip project I have quite a bit of work to do to be caught up to where I was planning to be over the winter break. I wanted to be on the stage of practicing my zip presentation however I am still working on writing my short story and making my lesson plan. I have edited the portion that I have written once and come up with an outline for the rest of my story however, I would have liked to be done by this point so that I didn’t have to do a lot of work over the winter break. I fell behind in the 2nd last week before the break when I had a bunch of homework each night. I couldn’t find the time I needed for zip because other assignments were due the next day whereas zip I put as a low priority because it wasn’t due until after the break. This seemed like a reasonable idea when I had an extremely heavy workload that week because I couldn’t manage staying up an extra half hour after finishing all my other homework to do zip. However, now I wish I had done maybe 10 minutes of zip on some nights because I have a bunch of work to catch up on now. Although, I still think my original goal is possible to achieve in the time frame, I will just have to be extra diligent in setting up times for myself to work on zip. I am still enjoying my zip project a lot and I have learnt about other ways to pre write, such as, listing, outlining, drawing, brainstorming etc. I compared and contrasted each of them to free writing and decided that they each serve a different purpose. Free writings purpose is to bring unconscious ideas you may have into consciousness through a stream of consciousness, which means don’t stop writing no matter what during the time period. Whereas listing, for example, is more directed than free writing and before you make a list you should know your focus on the particular subject you plan to write about. Using more than one pre writing technique for one piece of writing is a good idea as well because you have a clearer idea of what you are going to be writing about which leads to more concise writing.

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