My inquiry question:

To what extent does the process of free writing affect the quality of finished writing pieces?

After having completed half of my story, I realized that the free writing process makes the story writing process easier to begin with, because when I start out writing a story I tend to have no clue where I want to start; however, after free writing I already have ideas written down they just need tweaking. With this in mind, free writing also creates a lot more work in the editing process because taking chunks of writing right out of the free writes means that most of it is anything that comes into your mind in the moment that you were doing the free write.¬†Although, I haven’t quite finished my story yet so I don’t know how the free writing process affects the quality of finished writing pieces. I can see that it is positively affecting the connection between the ideas throughout my story and the flow, but I can also see that it may be negatively the quality of grammar in my writing. Editing my grammar takes a lot longer than thinking through and doing it correctly the first time. After I am finished writing my story I will give another update on this question.



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