In William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the Nurse is a comical character who adds liveliness to the story. She is enjoyable to read about and her caring personality towards Juliet is nothing short of heart warming. The Nurse is outgoing, jovial, fun loving, and ultimately a caring mother figure for Juliet. These qualities are what possibly make her an ENFP-T Campaigner.

Campaigners are known for “enjoying the social and emotional connections they make with others” being “a true free spirit” and “taking in others’ thoughts and feelings” ( An ENFP’s qualities include being extraverted, having an intuitive energy style, following their hearts rather than a careful thought out plan, and being flexible. As readers can see in act 2.4, the nurse has no apprehensions about seeking out Romeo for a message about the wedding plans. This demonstrates her enjoyment of making social and emotional connections. When the Nurse says, “Ah, mocker! that’s the dog’s name” the nurse shows her ability to joke around with Romeo after just meeting with him. This is a good representation of her free spirit and outgoing nature. As said above, campaigners are generally great at “taking in others’ thoughts and feelings” ( The Nurse is definitely a mother figure in Juliet’s life since Lady Capulet is more distant from Juliet. As shown in act 3 scene 5, the only person who comforts and shields Juliet from her unfortunate fate of marrying Paris is her Nurse. When Capulet is yelling at Juliet and threatening to disown her the Nurse steps in and says, “God in heaven bless her!” (3.5, 169). This shows how the Nurse can see how Juliet is feeling and show enough care and love for her to put herself at risk by challenging Capulet. The Nurse follows her heart instead of a thought out plan which contributes to the reason why she is an ENFP.

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