Concentrating our socials classes on the question, “Why do events happen, and what are their impacts?” will create deeper understanding of the cause and consequences our world has faced. By focusing on the domino effect, we will hopefully be able to eliminate any negative repetition, and find insight as to how to better the world of today.

When boiling down to the main purpose of studying history, one might say it is to learn from our past mistakes. By learning why certain events happen and how they affected our world, we can do just that. As an example, World War 2 officially began September 1st 1939. German soldiers invaded Poland under the instructions of Adolf Hitler. It is possible that there was no one single point in time when Hitler decided he hated Jewish people, but many events that led up to it. By studying the antisemitism in Vienna at the time when Hitler was growing up, we can provide ourselves with some insight as to what was the core cause of World War 2. It is no mystery to us that World War 2 left large aftermaths on the world, such as the rise of the Soviet Union and United States. However, merely studying World War 2 will not advance our society unless we take preventative actions. Many soldiers and regular innocent people died because of the hate countries had for each other. Being able to recognize why World War 2 started and the negative impacts hate has, will help our society recognize what actions need to be taken in order to prevent another World War.

By studying the cause and consequence of historical events, we can continue to improve societal issues, become better decision makers, and hopefully make the world a safer place for everyone.

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