For my document of learning I decided to make a video! Here it is:

(Sorry about the occasional snuffle, I have a cold.)


  1. Awesome job Melissa!!!!! :)
    First of all, I really like the presentation of your inquiry. Unlike most people, you chose to do a video/ted talk which was unique, and I especially enjoyed the fact that the pictures match the content you were talking about as it was more visually appealing and easier to understand. It was organized, talking about word definitions (such as racism) and giving background information involving the Chinese head tax was an excellent idea because it was easier to follow later on. Secondly, you talked about the values of then and now. One of the quotes you used was especially eye catching, “Time changes what’s considered right and wrong”. I also liked how you represented Canada differently then I did. I mostly talked about how Canada has made many mistakes in the past, and shed some negative light in our history. However, you took the approach of looking at how much Canada has improved and how we could be improving even more. It shows that although Canada has made some errors, but since then, it has been a progressive society that we should always strive for.

    Your inquiry question connected to mine in many different ways because both of them talks about the mistreatment of minorities in Canada’s past. I can understand what perspective you are coming from, and in what ways you felt sympathy for the Chinese immigrants and how they were treated, just like the Residential schools and how Indigenous peoples were treated. We both gave a “Call to action” at the end, which I think is an efficient way to conclude an inquiry question such as this one. Thank you so much for making an effective video that opened my eyes to different social issues that Canada has experienced in the past!!! A +++ for effort!

  2. Great job, Melissa. I really enjoyed your presentation, and the occasional snuffle was no problem. I like the medium you chose for this project, I think the simple visuals you had made a huge difference overall for making your presentation easily understandable and digestible. The structure of your presentation was good too. You made it very clear which part of the investigation you were in: the introduction, body, and conclusion, and each was very well done. I also felt the way you connected the past to the present was quite seamless, meaning it didn’t seem like you were struggling to dig for evidence in your presentation, instead it was very easy to see how the events you described about the Chinese workers and the CPR are relevant today, very well done. One way the CPR affected my topic, the birth of the Metis people, was that the Metis were affected when the HBC sold Rupert’s Land to the Canadian Government so they could expand the railway. This was unfair to the Metis and, as we learned in class, led to that whole Louis Riel rebellion. Once again, I really enjoyed your presentation. Thank you, Melissa.

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