In-depth night is approaching quickly and I feel a little nervous about performing a song that I’ve written in front of many people. As I said right from the start, I knew it would be more nerve-wracking to perform a song that I wrote versus a cover of a different artist’s song. Currently, I am practicing both songs that I’ve written so that I can pick which one I prefer to sing at In-Depth night. As well as trying to figure out places I can cut each song short that won’t affect the overall quality too much since we only have a minute and a half on stage. This has been more difficult than I thought it would be because the ‘bridge’ component of my songs are the main turning points that build up to a climax; however, the bridge is closer to the end of the song. Since the two songs I have written follow more of a storyline (more musical theatre based since that is the kind of music I’ve been most exposed to) rather than a typical repetitive pop song it is also hard to just cut out one of the verses.

Since I have been struggling with this I also wanted to create a backup plan so I have been writing two new songs that I could possibly perform at In-Depth night. Sometimes I find it easier to start with an end product in mind rather than trying to tweak a different product to fit what I need. I currently still really want to write a duet but have been struggling to come up with lyrics that I like/are powerful and not too cliche. If I don’t finish it by In-Depth night, I will definitely still be continuing trying to write one.

I am also going to be starting to write another solo song. My goal for that song would be to either make it short enough to not have to cut anything for In-Depth night, or to make a ‘full length’ song that is easily cuttable (a more current song/pop). For this, I will be researching about how current pop stars write their songs/the different song structures and subtle differences in formatting and things like that. Currently, the difference between theatre style music and pop style music that I know of is, generally, most of the theatre music I’ve heard tell the story how it is, with clever metaphors here and there, but they definitely follow a storyline and create lots of emotion for the performer and audience. This is because the purpose of a song in a musical is for when emotions are too strong to ‘just talk’ or convey with speech, the added melody creates an extra layer to emote with. Whereas in pop music, there may or may not be a storyline, generally there is a repeated structure (could be verse 1, chorus, verse 2, chorus, verse 3, bridge, chorus) or something along the lines of this.

I am very excited to continue writing my extra solo song and my duet, if I complete the duet in time I will be posting it on my blog at a later date!

“I’ve always used songwriting as a way to help me organise reality” – Jason Mraz

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