I, John Hamilton Gray, as the son of a Loyalist refugee believe, contrary to popular views in PEI, that Confederation will be beneficial for our country and province. My father escaped from America posterior the revolution and came to the newly developing British North America. The ideas of confederacy and preventing the manifest destiny from coming true were still fairly new when my father first came to BNA. However, it was becoming apparent after the civil war that America’s armed forces were much stronger than anything in upper North America.

The first and most prominent reason for why confederation is a must is the great threat that is apparent from our neighbours who strongly believe in the Manifest Destiny, the driving force behind US expansion. P.E.I is such a small colony that it will take mere minutes for America to take over. Although the fact that going into confederacy with P.E.I being such a small colony is one of our colonies greatest concerns, I believe it is more important to keep our all BNA colonies safe from the Manifest Destiny rather than trying to all fight our separate battles, with England becoming less likely to protect us.

Another reason for P.E.I to head towards confederacy is our absentee landlord issues. Although it has been discussed that joining confederacy will only perpetuate this problem, I believe that under one nation we can work to improve each of our colonies as well. Although we are a smaller colony often overlooked because of our size, joining forces can only make us more powerful and give us access to greater resources.

With England and America becoming less willing to withhold free trade laws, it is a safer bet, in the long run, to create bonds with other colonies more local with us, such as the Maritimes. By connecting our colonies with the Canadian Pacific Railway we will be able to become stronger than ever before, with growing numbers and support for each other.

By joining together in one big nationhood, we can prove to our American neighbours, while still keeping our individual cultural identities, that we are strong and resilient and will come out victorious from this fight for land.






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